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    RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
    What is it?
    RSS format was specified by Netscape, for on-line news publication.
    For what is it?
    Using RSS, websites can interchange news with other websites which publish their contents with the RSS format.
    SciELO RSS Specifications
    Version: 2.0
    The RSS links could be found at:
    journal page:
    issue table of contents page:
    The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) gives one interoperability work model based on metadata harvesting. For it there are two different participant classes on the OAI-PMH work model.
    • Data Providers manager systems that support the OAI-PMH to expose metadata and
    • Servide Providers use metadata collected by OAI-PMH to develop value-added services.
    How to become a Data Provider?
    To become a Data Provider is necessary to develop services based on OAI-PMH model and publish them, for all who intend to collect metadata from this services.
    SciELO have one packet that exposes these services, which could be found on BIREME products site.
    Why to become a Data Provider?
    When you become a Data Provider there is a huge possibility to increase the visibility of the sites that are sharing metadata with you by OAI-PMH model. This could happen just because Service Providers will access these services to collect metadata and probably will publish them in different websites and services available on the internet.
    SciELO OAI access interface

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